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Personal Yoga Retreats

Its time for you to retreat yourself! 

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Attractive Locations

Get ready for relaxation and a positive change!

Chill in a relaxed environment each day with comfortable and safe surroundings .

Retreats with me are bespoke to you and from our first communications I will be tayloring your exercise and wellness program so that you get the very best while you are here and return home more energised and refreshed.

I will encourage you to eat and drink healthily and at times best suited to your Yoga and exercise program, so that your body gets the propper nourishment it needs.

This is a time to learn about your body also and be mindful of how we treat this amazing vessel that lets us live a full and happy life. What you put in allows you to work and play, much the same as what energy you give out is also what is reflected back to you. 

It is important to me that you communicate to me any concerns you may have or current injuries so that the Yoga is absolutely safe and beneficial to you.

Before you get here to this beautiful place of Corralejo, Fuertaventura I will have sent you a personalised plan of what to expect daily  and I look forward to meeting you in person and tutoring you during your stay.

This is what you are getting from your Personal Yoga Retreat

The 7 day retreat includes


7 nights accommodation in 1 bed apartment  San Valentin, Corralejo Fuerteventura. 1 bed apartament, 2 pools, tennis court. The apartament is close to beaches and dunes. 20 min walk to town centre.  


5 days of yoga/fitness training (you can get as many lessons of yoga as you like) 

Meditation training (optional) 

2 massages (optional) 

10k daily walks (optional) 

1 x Spa wellness experience


And of course the sun, beaches, dunes and wide range of activities the island can offer.


Accommodation is included in price

Normally £1221

And now £997

Your accommodation in Corralejo Fuerteventura


iRent Fuerteventura provides exceptionally high quality apartaments. 

Their staff is made up of serious and qualified people and their aim is to meet the needs of guests and the expectations of flat owners.

They are a team of professionals and their experience guarantees a worry-free stay.

5 Reasons to go on an Authentic Diamond Wellness personal yoga retreat
There are many potential reasons why someone might want to go on an Authentic Diamond Wellness yoga retreat. Here are a few of the benefits
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