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Personal Yoga Training

I am teaching private 1-1 sessions in the comfort of their homes or online. I am providing my students with the highest quality personal yoga training tailored to their personal needs. My training sessions are safe, effective, and good fun. I take pride in my own teaching style, which brings fast and permanent results to their wellbeing. I teach all levels. I understand that everyone has different goals and adapts easily to them. Whether you are a beginner and want to learn yoga to attend a group class with a sense of knowing what you are doing there, or want to build your own practice and new healthy habit of yoga. Or maybe you are an experienced yoga practitioner and want to take your yoga practice to next level. Whatever your reason is I am here to help you and motivate you to get into your yoga practice. The personal touch is really helpful for you to get a better understanding, and feeling of the poses you are practicing and what benefits they are bringing to you. As well as give you chance to ask questions and track your progress. 

Is Yoga suitable for me? 

Yoga is a perfect way to release stresses out of the body, increase mobility and bring sense of peace to your life. Every body type is different, everyone has a different lifestyle, preferences and goals. I believe that practicing yoga should not be a chore. 

Most of us think that we want to START to practice yoga. I believe that you would agree that we often think that we have not enough time in the day, not enough flexibility, or even have thought about that yoga is only for women. I was no exception.

Years of practice and self-development made me realise that yoga is for everyone. No matter of your age gender or motivation, you CAN do yoga. If you can breathe and move you can do it. Your body is made to move! Think about it for a moment. Your joints are available to move in various directions, to which you more likely not move daily. Your muscles get tensed every time you are stressed. Let’s agree that most of us experience stresses daily. But what do we do to release it out of the body? Mindful moving of the body and connecting with breath can release stresses out of your body and I can help long term for you to regain your natural full range of joint movement. Yoga provides you that ability.

You don’t need to think that to practice it you have to be spiritual and do woo – woo stuff. You can if you want. But I am here not for that. I am here to help you to bring awareness to your body so you release all tensions and feel more alive in yourself ! You can choose your approach to yoga. Choose to think of yoga primarily as physical way to release tensions out the body. Yoga Poses been practiced for thousands and thousands years. Why not to rely on safe, effective and time tested knowledge?

Yoga Mats

10 Amazing Benefits of YOGA you will get

The two main types of yoga I teach


Vinyasa (Flow) Yoga

This flowing practice focuses on synchronising breath to movement in a flowing sequence designed to build heat, endurance, flexibility, and strength. Depending on your experience level I will design a class for you. Beginners start slow by learning Sun Salutations pose by pose and advanced students doing Vinyasa practice while I am observing and correcting alignment and breath to achieve maximum results.


Yin (Slow) Yoga

Yin yoga is all about simply being with the pose. In this deeply relaxing class, postures are held for a longer period of time than in a traditional class; normally in between three and 10 minutes.

This time and space in your practice enables the body to gently stretch and heal the connective tissues, regulate the nervous system, whilst toning, lengthening and refreshing the muscles all over the body.

Almost entirely floor-based, this class is a fantastic and chilled out way to ease away the mental stresses of a busy life, and leave you ready for an excellent night's sleep.

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